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PATHSHALA-San Diego Bangla School

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Pathshala- San Diego Bangla School started with it's first Summer session on August 5, 2012 as an initiative of Ogrojatra's BODs and community volunteers. Classes were held in the community room at Poway library with 20 students of various ages. With help of teachers and volunteers the session concluded with a fun filled graduation party.


From summer 2013 session Pathshala classes moved to Muslim Community Center (MCC). 



Pathshala- the San Diego Bangla School, strives to become the primary Bangla educational institution delivering the highest quality of Bangla language education in San Diego county

The target students are anyone with an interest in learning Bangla.



Pathshala- the San Diego Bangla School will provide Bangla education by adopting existing high-quality academic programs, as well as, developing new and improved academic content suitable for a new generation of students interested in learning Bangla. The target student group will be Bangladeshi, Indian-Bengali as well as anyone from other nationality.

Learning will happen thruough a combination of interactive activities, hands-on leaning, and repetition.


Pathshala- the San Diego Bangla School seeks to attract the brightest and the most dedicated volunteers residing within San Diego county to jointly coordinate its activities.


Contact us:


Phone:  (619) 204 - 5111

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Class Structure

Pathshala students are grouped based on their age and the level of their Bangla language in reading, writing and speaking. Currently Pathshala has four Groups or Classes.


Tuntuni Class - Students are the youngest, age 4 to 6 years old


Maghna Class - Students are about age 6 to 8 years old


Shurma Class - Students are about age 8 to 12 years old


Jamuna Class - Students are about age 12 and above


General Course Description 


The objective of the course is to increase awareness of Bangla culture and language. Students will gain an understanding of the Bangla culture in a fun and interactive environment. Bangla alphabets and numbers will be introduced along with basic vocabulary to start building a foundation for reading, writing, and communicating in Bangla. The primary language of instruction will be a blend of Bangla and English as deemed necessary by the instructor. Alphabets will be introduced to students by utilizing the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) method so students will quickly be able to write and read words and small sentences using a selected list of alphabets based on their phonetics. This method will also accelerate their capability to read and write two-letter Bangla words that utilize those alphabets.


Depending on the student’s current level, teachers will provide individualized teaching as appropriate.


College level students are requested to email first to ensure that the materials presented in this course will be suitable to their intellectual curiosity.


Each session Pathshala students prepare presentation on a given topic. During presentation students are judged on multiple categories, such as, level of Bangla spoken, vocabulary, presentation skills, research and costumes. The purpose of the presentation is enhance student's Bangla speaking and to enhance their public speaking skills.


Ekushe February


Pathshala has a rich collection of age appropriate Bangla books. The students can check out books from the library. This is an excellent supplement to their instruction based learning. 

Social Studies

Each Session Pathshala students are presented with a topic related to Bengali Region in South Asia, Bangla Language or Bengali Pleople.

Click on the file to download presentation.

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